What I am thankful for…

I’m thankful for being able to attend Sweet Briar…

I know that when I cross the stage at graduation I will be able to look to my left and to me right and not only know the names of the women on either side of me but also know who they are as people. When I look at CS yes, I see our Dean of Co-Circular Life but I also see the woman that lead my l

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earning on the land group, the woman that opens her home to practically every single student on this campus, the woman that has students over to watch a weekly TV show, the woman that is ok with crazy students dropping by at 10pm on a Saturday night just to say hi and the woman that cares so passionately about making every single student welcomed. When I look at HM, I see the Vice President for Alumnae and Development but I also see the woman that I sat on a Search Committee with, a woman that LOVES chocolate and the woman that also enjoys to watch Grey’s Anatomy from time to time. I also can look around and see the woman that has the cutest dogs on this campus, the woman that truly cares about the students, the woman that loves to play racquetball, the woman that use to play badminton in college, the woman that has helped me grow as a person during the short time that I have known her and lastly I see that this woman is the President of the College. I could go on and on and talk about Dean Green and his love for music and how I always know that when I see him I will come away with one more random piece of knowledge that I did not have before. Today on this Thanksgiving I am thankful for the professors that have helped shaped me into the leader and academic that I am today. The staff members that opened their offices to me and allowed me to vent my frustrations, occasionally cry, but also share almost every success that I have had thus far. I am also thankful for my fellow classmates who have guided me and shared every single minute of my college experience with me, the girls that lived on my first-year hall and my little sisters inflatable sumo wrestling suits. I know they have my back through thick and thin. Over the past three years we have become more than just people that go to class together we have become a community. On this holiday I know that all the memories that we have created here will live on but also that there are many more to come. I also want to thank each and every member of the Sweet Briar Community for everything that they have done for the student body starting with move-in day to right now. We owe you everything!

With that I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. jones11 says:

    Who are you actually sitting next to at graduation?

    P.S.- The words I had to type in (words scanned from an old book that need to be digitized) are ‘hunjous’ and ‘lascia’. What do those mean? Are they English? This is weird.

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